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Measure, optimise and plan your campaigns with AudienceProject to reach and impact your audience cost-efficiently across channels, formats and devices.

Audience measurement & planning platform

See the bigger picture. Know where to optimise.

AudienceProject is an independent audience measurement platform with everything you need to create effective multichannel campaigns:

Return on ad spend
Every ad channel in one, holistic view

Compare apples to apples. Know who actually sees your ads and understand audience reach, frequency and composition across display, social media, video, CTV and linear TV.

De-duplicated reach and frequency

Avoid exhausting your audience by over-targeting them. Know how many actually saw your campaign and how often with de-duplicated reach and frequency across channels, formats and devices.

Return on ad spend
Continuous planning and optimisation

Plan and optimise your campaigns in-flight. See which channels are reaching your target audience cost-efficiently and how to make better media investments that maximise your ROI.

Campaign outcome evaluation

Go beyond reach and frequency and understand if your campaigns have an actual effect on key metrics like brand awareness, intent and preference, as well as your online or offline sales.

AudienceProject is a new kind of audience measurement platform built from the ground up by people equally passionate about market research and bleeding-edge technology. See how we make cross-media measurement cookieless, reliable and privacy-safe.

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Maximise ad spend ROI. Measure and evaluate your advertising across media, channels and platforms and make more, informed decisions.

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Strengthen your role as a trusted advisor. Maximise your client’s ad spend ROI across media, channels and platforms.

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Stand out in a crowded space. Discover hidden audience insights and show advertisers the true effect of advertising on your inventory