As much as we consider vital building targeting audiences based on first-party data, we also cannot stress enough the value of validating such audiences.
That is why we are introducing Insights: a tool enabling you to gain a thorough understanding of your audiences’ profile before you spend a penny targeting them.

A powerful add-on to AudienceHub

Audience targeting is a must marketing practice nowadays, enabling advertisers to reach prospective customers with relevant messages. With the introduction of AudienceHub, we provided a platform allowing our clients to build their own unique targeting audiences, based on first-party data, such as CRM or survey data.

Now, we are introducing Insights as a powerful add-on to AudienceHub, with the goal of bringing you more efficacy in terms of targeting, and a better understanding of your audiences.

With Insights, we are bridging the gap between targeting and measurement. Bringing the audience validation from AudienceReport into AudienceHub giving you better insights on your audience even before you decide to run campaigns against them.

Optimise targeting efficacy and maximise marketing efforts

With Insights, you can identify the socio-demographic profile of any audience you can upload or build in AudienceHub, and get a detailed report on your audience’s gender, age, education, household size and income helping you better understand and define your audience.

It is not uncommon to make assumptions on the audiences you aim to reach. You may assume your audience is made of individuals who are older than they actually are, or maybe who have a lower income. With Insights you can rely on data and stop making assumptions.

Let’s imagine you are trying to reach Netflix Lovers and assume that they are likely significantly younger than the average person. If you build an Audience for example by surveying your users about their streaming service preferences, an Insights report might lead you to discover that in fact 55% of your Netflix Lovers are 46-55 years old and have kids.

With a better understanding of the audience you are aiming to reach you can make sure to tweak your marketing communication and create ads with messages that are more relevant to the audience – or help your client do so. And what’s more, by exploring your audiences’ profile, you may discover that you are able to attract valuable audiences you had not considered before.

In the video below, you can see how easy it is to get a socio-demographic profile for your audience with Insights:

Push audiences to AudienceReport for campaign measurement

With AudienceHub, you can also push audiences to our audience measurement tool AudienceReport, allowing you to validate your campaigns in real-time against any target audience you aim to reach.

Now, you can create your own audiences in AudienceHub, validate them with Insights and push them to AudienceReport for measurement. This way you can validate whether or not your campaigns are reaching your targeted audiences.

Get Started

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started validating your target audiences.

Insights is available in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.