With our new product Brand Lift Studies, you can measure the effect of campaigns on metrics like brand awareness and brand preference, and prove to advertisers the value of your video inventory.

Proving the actual effect of campaigns is an essential part of competing in today’s media industry. As much as impressions and clicks are good indicators of marketing efficiency, we believe that showing the effect of campaigns on brand and intent metrics is a powerful way to showcase the value of your inventory as well. For this reason, we are introducing Brand Lift Studies – a product that makes it easy for publishers with a video network to measure the effect of campaigns on a set of relevant and meaningful metrics.

With Brand Lift Studies, you can choose which metrics you want to measure for each video campaign running on your inventory. Maybe, you want to measure the effect of a campaign on brand preference. With Brand Lift Studies, you will then be able to prove that individuals who watched the campaign are more likely to buy the advertised product. Or maybe, you want to prove that the campaign had a positive impact on brand awareness. You will then be able to show that individuals exposed to the ad are more familiar with the brand than with its competitors.

By showcasing the positive impact of campaigns running on your network, you can prove to advertisers that you are a valuable partner and that the money spent on your inventory brings solid ROI figures. At the same time, with Brand Lift Studies being a premium service, you will be able to charge a premium price for your inventory.

Too lazy to go on and read more about the product? Check the video below to see how easy it is to run a Brand Lift Study:


Easy and quick to implement

We have built Brand Lift Studies to make it easy for publishers to initiate, execute and report the effect of campaigns on a large scale, with no limitations. For this reason, we have created an interface that is extremely easy and intuitive to use. When you set up your brand lift study, you will find a set of predefined brand lift metrics you can choose from:

    • Brand Awareness
    • Ad Awareness
    • Brand In Consideration Set
    • Brand Preference
    • Campaign Awareness
    • Campaign Exposure
    • Campaign Liking

At the same time, if you wish, you have the option to add your own customised and specific metrics.

Your study will run on your network as an in-video creative, as a pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll – you decide. This means you will be able to survey individuals when they are watching videos, and therefore won’t need to leave the page to answer your questions. 

Once you have run your study and collected data, you will be able to access the intuitive reporting interface and get an overview of the performance of the campaign for each metric. You will then be ready to share the numbers with your clients and showcase the positive effect of the campaigns running on your inventory.

The technology and methodology behind Brand Lift Studies

Once you have chosen the campaign you want to measure and created a study for it, the Brand Lift Studies technology intercepts users into two different groups; people who have been exposed to the campaign running on your network and people who haven’t been exposed to it.

Afterwards, the Brand Lift Studies technology surveys both groups on your network through a seamless in-video experience, by asking the questions you have defined.

When the surveys are completed, you will be able to compare the results between those who were exposed to the campaign and those who were not. By looking at the difference in the responses between the two groups, you will know whether the campaign had a positive impact on the brand or product advertised.

Get Started

Brand Lift Studies is a SaaS solution, making it easy to get started running studies at a low cost.

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