At the end of last year, we introduced our self-service platform AudienceHub, allowing publishers to build and activate unique audiences tailored to their clients’ needs. In this article, you can learn how JPIMedia revolutionised its data strategy by creating and deploying more than 170 segments relevant to their clients in less than 3 months.

With last year’s introduction of AudienceHub, publishers in the UK, Germany and the Nordics were offered a new powerful tool allowing them to leverage their own data and build first-party audiences for activation across their media properties – a tool that the UK publisher JPIMedia found highly valuable for their future data strategy.

Challenges with a broad inventory

JPIMedia is one of the largest national, regional and local multimedia organisations in the UK, providing news and information services through its portfolio of 200 newspapers and associated websites around the UK.

With a portfolio of hundreds of websites, the majority of JPIMedia’s inventory is relatively broad, meaning that JPIMedia was struggling to create behavioural audiences based on their media properties. At the same time, they found it difficult to sell inventory against off-the-shelf segments to their clients.

Furthermore, a large number of the campaigns running on JPIMedia’s websites are location-based and for this reason, it was challenging for the media company to scale their data strategy.

Unique audiences for the most valuable clients

To solve these challenges, JPIMedia used the UserReport survey tool to ask their users specific questions based on the segments they wanted to build, and from the answers given, the media company was able to build deterministic data sets.

Subsequently, JPIMedia used AudienceHub to grow the data collected via the survey, enabling the media company to create unique audiences relevant to their most valuable clients.

A redesigned data strategy

By utilising UserReport to collect data and AudienceHub to grow the data, JPIMedia managed to build more than 170 segments based on the targeting requirements of their biggest spending clients in less than 3 months. The segments were made available for activation across all of their local titles, making it easy for JPIMedia to scale the segments’ profit potential.

“Thanks to AudienceProject’s solution, we were able to redesign our digital advertising data strategy. In less than 3 months, we successfully created more than 170 segments relevant to our most valuable clients. This has lead to an increase in the range of advertising solutions we can facilitate for our customers.”

Jade Power, Head of Display at JPIMedia

Last but not least, they knew the exact size and precision of the segments they were selling and were able to easily communicate to their clients how the segments were created.

With these initiatives, JPIMedia has been able to leverage its broad inventory, while redesigning its entire data strategy.

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