AudienceProject measurement verifies that OS Data Solutions’ targeting data delivers a significant lift in on-target percentage across gender and age groups.

November last year, OS Data Solutions – the joint venture between Ströer and Otto Group that provides targeting data based on Ströer’s behavioural data and Otto Group’s deterministic data – partnered with AudienceProject to have the quality of their targeting data verified by an independent audience measurement provider.

On the reasoning behind entering the partnership, Tobias Emmer, Managing Director at OS Data Solutions, says: “We were looking for a reliable measurement partner, and with AudienceProject’s track record from the Nordics and the UK, they were the obvious choice for us. A previously conducted internal data validation between our deterministic sociodemographic data and AudienceProject’s panel data further convinced us to partner up with them”.

To test the quality of OS Data Solutions’ targeting data, AudienceProject measured the on-target percentage of campaigns running in November last year and January this year with and without OS Data Solutions’ targeting data applied.

As OS Data Solutions offers targeting data delivering different levels of reach and precision, AudienceProject measured the on-target percentage for each of these.

AudienceProject’s measurement showed that OS Data Solutions’ targeting data delivers a significant lift in on-target percentage across gender and age groups for all precision levels of targeting. Even when targeting data of low precision and high reach was applied, the lift in on-target percentage was more than 100% for most age groups, and in one age group (40-49), the lift was 327% when targeting data of high precision and low reach was applied.

“We are, of course, very pleased with the results of AudienceProject’s measurement. It proves that we deliver high-quality targeting data that helps our clients meet the goals of their campaigns”, says Tobias Emmer.

Sedat Polat, Country Director, DACH at AudienceProject, says: “We are proud to be considered the best option to provide independent audience verification. We believe we have a truly unique measurement offering based on solid methodology and technology and this partnership is a great testament to that.”

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