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AudienceProject phases out the original AudienceReport
Customer success story: Telia increases reach efficiency by 20% with redistributed ad budget
Customer success story: OS Data Solutions documents up to 327% lift in on-target percentage
Customer success story: Vodafone achieves 176% lift in campaign awareness for in-game ad campaign puts audience measurement at the centre of its business with AudienceProject partnership
Introducing the new AudienceReport: The future of cross-media audience measurement
Spoiler Alert: The future of cross-media audience measurement is arriving
Addressable TV is on the rise and AudienceProject can help you measure it
AudienceProject introduces cross-platform campaign validation
Fall has arrived and brings two brand new AudienceReport features
Measure the quality of your campaign impressions
AudienceReport makes addressable TV measurable
New AudienceReport feature: Validate your campaigns against any target group imaginable
DoubleClick for Publishers
AudienceReport and Kits get a massive speed boost
AudienceReport updates online population numbers
AudienceProject introduces in-app tracking
New feature for publishers: Quickly and cost-effectively prove the actual brand-building and intent-driving effect of your digital campaigns
Introducing Event Tracking in AudienceReport
Create and validate your own custom segments with AudienceReport
Improved user experience in AudienceReport
Measure your campaign audiences across TV and digital
Adform campaign management made faster and smoother
Unlimited creative freedom with the AudienceReport Campaign API!
We’ve prepared an ice cream sundae of new features for the summer!
Get the dirt on your campaign traffic – introducing the Traffic Quality report!
Introducing new features and a brand new report!
New, faster report engine is coming!
Beyond clicks and impressions – measure campaigns the right way!
What are the real brand lifts in your Campaign?
Deeper Insights with Campaign Audience Measurement