Today, we are launching Full Reach, a new solution empowering publishers to target an audience on every single impression and video view, no matter if there is a cookie or not and helping them to increase the value of their ad inventory.

During the last couple of years, publishers have faced many industry-related challenges – from the introduction of privacy-focused regulations such as GDPR to browser anti-tracking measures adopted by Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox… you know the drill.

But is this a pain for publishers… or an opportunity?

High-quality audience segment on every impression and video view

For many years, we have been delivering audience targeting solutions for publishers and last year, we launched a new prediction technology as a response to German publishers’ challenges with Firefox’ restrictions and Nordic publishers’ challenges with Safari’s restrictions.

Now, to help all publishers thrive in this new digital scenario, we are introducing Full Reach, a solution enabling publishers to target an audience on every impression and video view – without relying on third-party cookies.

By being able to make predictions on every single impression and video view, publishers can significantly increase the addressability of their audience, and target users who were previously unable to reach. In other words, publishers are now able to enrich all of their inventory and charge a premium price for all impressions and video views.

Also, with third-party audiences not being available in DMPs in the future, publishers being able to target socio-demographic audiences on all impressions and video views will become even more valuable partners for media buyers.

Finally, the Full Reach solution not only allows publishers to target cookieless audiences but also ensures that the precision of the targeting of such audiences is similar to the precision of the targeting of audiences based on cookies. In order to continuously improve the precision level, the Full Reach solution benchmarks the predictions of the audiences.

It is a fairly easy task to just create a cookieless targeting solution for socio-demographic audiences if it is a “black box”, and if media buyers do not mind if their campaigns are actually reaching the right audiences. It is instead hard to create a transparent solution making accurate predictions, which is what Full Reach is all about.

How Full Reach works

Instead of relying on only one predictive model, our Full Reach solution is based on a hybrid model. This means that the solution applies several different methodologies and chooses between these in real-time. This results in significant improvements in both reach and precision compared to when using solely third-party cookies based technology or solely cookieless technology.

The two models that the Full Reach solution uses for its predictions are an ID-based and an ID-less-based model:

  • ID-based predictions rely on historic data where a device identifier is available. Examples are domain-specific UIDs, login data, device IDs and CRM hashed emails. The ID-based predictions can therefore be improved by data coming from publishers and/or advertisers.
  • ID-less based predictions are relying on six different inputs: location, time, content, device, operating system and browser.

For every impression, Full Reach evaluates in real-time which input matters the most and automatically applies the best solution for the given impression.

Get ready for the new digital scenario

Implement our Full Reach solution today to boost your share of addressable users and let media buyers know that you are able to offer accurate audience targeting for all impressions and video views.

And most importantly, make sure that you are future-proofed for what is yet to come, no matter what Google says.

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started targeting your cookieless audience.

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Full Reach is available for publishers in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.