Introducing the GDPR Portal

By Henrik Lauritzen on May 7, 2018
We are excited to announce that we have launched a new GDPR portal that will provide easy, centralized access to relevant compliance and security documentation from AudienceProject.

Personal information is everywhere

An important part of GDPR is the compliance of your vendors and subcontractors. It is almost certain that you rely on third-party vendors in some form to collect, process, and store data.

It could be anything from hosting companies or CMS systems that record and store visitor behavior, “contact us” forms, etc. It is your marketing and sales CRM databases, including email service providers like Outlook or Gmail. Cloud-based or online spreadsheets, documents, databases, and documents often contain personal information.

You are now responsible

With the new GDPR regulation, you are responsible for assessing and auditing the security of your third-party vendors and subcontractors that collect, store and process your data.

We’re here to help

In order to help you streamline this process, we have made our GDPR documentation publicly available. The new GDPR portal will allow our clients to review and learn more about AudienceProjects security program and controls, as well as audit us as a third party vendor.

Through the new GDPR portal, you will be able to access a comprehensive collection of documentation outlining AudienceProject’s commitment to technical and organizational security. We have gathered more than 200+ pages worth of documentation about our internal security procedures. All available to assist you…

Within the portal you will find topics like:

All covered in extensive detail, ready to download and print. We will keep the portal updated on an ongoing basis to ensure that the portal always will be your go-to GDPR documentation center.

To visit the new GDPR portal, please go to