In preparation for the upcoming GDPR legislation, AudienceProject is updating its privacy policy effective May 25, 2018, as well as launching a new privacy portal. The new privacy policy, which includes legal updates, have been made easier to read and navigate and explains in greater detail how we work together with our clients in collecting and processing data.

One of the really good aspects of GDPR is the requirement of transparent privacy policies, which hopefully means no more hiding behind a cloud of legalese. Under the new legislation, notices must be in “concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language.”

And since AudienceProject is all about bringing transparency to the industry, we are thrilled about this development. Another good reason for overhauling privacy documentation is that a 2008 study estimated that it would take the average internet user 244 hours a year to read the privacy policies of all websites visited. And that was even before the era of the smartphone and the associated app stores.

We need to cut down the clutter and provide transparency across the board. So, here are some of the changes we are making to the privacy policy:

We have streamlined the privacy policy across all products, to ensure users and clients only have to relate to one policy instead of 4 different policies.
We have improved the navigation and adopted a more user-friendly language throughout the policy.
A new content index and improved navigational links will allow users to navigate and to find important information more easily. Where we can, we have added examples that illustrate our activities.
Our various opt-out and right-to-be-forgotten services have all been consolidated into one portal to grant you more control over your information. We have made it easier for you to control the information you provide us. Our Privacy portal explains in greater detail how you can make choices about your information as well as the measures we have put in place to keep your information secure.
We are sharing more detailed information on how we integrate our products and use data across the AudienceProject platform.
We have made our GDPR documentation publicly available. The new Privacy portal links directly to our GDPR portal which will allow our users and clients to review and learn more about AudienceProjects’ security program and controls, as well as audit us.
With the new Privacy portal, we are now enforcing strict version control of the different privacy-related documents and language versions. As the interpretation of GDPR and ePrivacy becomes more well-defined, we expect a series of updates to be implemented.

The new Privacy portal can be accessed through any of these URL’s

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please reach out to our support team at