Under the new GDPR legislation, notices must be in “concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language.” In order to cut down the clutter and provide transparency across the board, we have already transformed our different privacy portals directed at end-users. Now the time has come to our client-facing documents.

In the past, our terms and conditions were presented to each user during the signup process and through links embedded into all our different websites and products. Once you were signed up and started using our services, it was up to you (the client) to check back at regular intervals for updates and changes through the official terms and condition page(s) located on our websites.

Centralised terms, privacy policies and more

In order to provide our clients with better transparency about changes and updates, our terms and conditions, privacy policy and data protection documentation have all been streamlined and made part of our new unified Single Sign-On solution, which we launched earlier this month. This means they can be easily accessed from any AudienceProject product. Once logged in, just click your profile picture in the header and you’ll find links to each document within that menu.

Automatic license agreement updates

From the 25 of May, our clients will automatically be notified if there are any significant changes or updates to terms and conditions, privacy policies or data protection agreements governing the use of the AudienceProject platform. You no longer have to check manually.

Lots of overall improvements

A more user-friendly language throughout the documents, new content index and improved navigational links will allow our clients to navigate and to find important information more easily. Where we can, we have added examples that illustrate our activities.

Strict and safe version control

With the new notification system and a centralized profile page at my.audienceproject.com, we are now enforcing strict version control of the different user-term-related documents. As the interpretation of GDPR and ePrivacy becomes more well-defined, we expect a series of updates to be implemented.

While these changes apply to all our regular clients and day-to-day users of our services, your company might have special contractual arrangements with AudienceProject that supplement or supersede the provided documentation.

If in doubt? Please refer to you nearest supervisor for an orientation.