Our commitment to GDPR

By Henrik Lauritzen on May 1, 2018
AudienceProject is working hard to prepare for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Keeping your users information safe and secure is our highest priority. We are committed to complying with the new legislation and collaborating with partners throughout this process.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing the results of our thorough preparations for the GDPR, – including our updated privacy policies, changes to our terms and conditions and changes to our products – to help both you and AudienceProject meet the new requirements.

Today we will share the big picture of the upcoming information and changes. Stay tuned for all the details in the coming weeks!

A brief summary of the upcoming changes:

Robust safeguards

We are well placed to meet the security requirements of the GDPR. Our services are backed by robust, state-of-the-art technical and organisational safeguards.

Since AudienceProject is all about transparency, we have launched a new GDPR portal containing extensive documentation outlining the various technical and organisational safeguards deployed by AudienceProject.

Single Sign On

We’re introducing a new single sign on service, new layers of drive encryption and improving our user administration center, to allow you to see your team’s members, admins and settings, and to give you full control of accounts, data and users within the AudienceProject platform.

Updated data processing agreements

Where we act as a processor of personal data, we will update our agreements to reflect the obligations of controllers and processors and offer data-processing agreements where required. Where we act as joint controllers of personal data, we will also update our agreements to reflect the obligations of controllers. The new updated agreements will cover UserReport, AudienceReport and AudienceData products.

User transparency

We have re-organized our Privacy Policy to make it clearer and more understandable. We have defined key terms and described our data processing practices. We will provide new detailed explanations on how we use data within our products UserReport, AudienceReport, AudienceData and within the AudienceProject organisation in general.

All of this will be made available through our new, unified privacy portal, set to launch in advance of May 25th.

AudienceProject asks users for permission to use their data for audience measurement, personalisation and provides transparency about their data through our privacy policies, terms of use and our various opt-out services.

We also provide full transparency to users on what data AudienceProject holds about them via our privacy hotlines and future SAAS solutions. Users can use our updated opt-out services to control the use of data on their devices.

Privacy practices

AudienceProject has always respected our clients’ and end users’ right to privacy. From the companys’ very early stages, we have built privacy procedures into our products, and we are further evolving our practices in order to meet the GDPR’s requirements around Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default.

The short version is, with AudienceProject as partner you are in good hands for the upcoming GDPR deadline. In the upcoming days and weeks you will receive newsletters outlining the different features as they are rolled out.

We hope these updates will help make transitioning towards GDPR a little more pleasant. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@audienceproject.com