Facebook is used for keeping contact with friends and family, YouTube is for entertainment and LinkedIn is for networking. But what about Twitter?

Some social media are competing on the same ground while others are more or less complimentary. In our new study we have looked at how the different social media are being used and there are big differences!

Facebook is primarily used for communicating with friends and family but also entertainment and news, YouTube is purely entertainment and LinkedIn is all about the professional network. Twitter though is more of a jack of all trades with no clear cut preferred usage.

We also take a look at how often each media is used and by how many. Facebook is by far the most popular and most used social media. Only in Finland does the blue giant get a little competition – pretty much the same picture as we could see in our study from earlier this year. Snapchat is the high jumper since July, while Instagram is slowing down compared to the huge increase it saw from 2015 to 2016.

The last part of our study takes a look at which apps are the most popular right now. And many of the social media services are also the most popular apps. But there are also some surprises which you can check out in the study just below!

Happy New Year!