Facebook and YouTube are the biggest social media, but they are not necessarily the only places to reach your audience. In a new study we cover the social media usage in the Nordics and tell you where to engage with your target group

More than three out of four use Facebook and 72 % of all internet users in the Nordics use YouTube. Hardly surprising. For marketers though, the interesting part is how you have other options to reach your target group. Facebook and YouTube are equivalent of the TV in it’s golden age. You can reach almost everybody – but you will also compete with everybody else. By bringing in some niche media, you can pinpoint your content marketing towards more specific target groups using these niche media.


Big differences across the Nordics

Where you need to be represented is highly dependant on the country. Facebook and YouTube are more or less equally popular in the Nordics, but when it comes to other social media the popularity differs a lot. In Sweden and Norway almost half of the population use Instagram compared to only 25 % in Denmark and 29 % in Finland.

On the other hand, LinkedIn stands out as a particularly popular social media in Denmark with 37 % using the Microsoft owned business network. In Finland WhatsApp stands out with a reach of 61 % of all internet users compared to a mere 9 % in Denmark. Snapchat is gaining ground in general across the Nordics, but Norwegians are by far the happiest snappers with more than half using this social media while only 10 % of the Finnish users say they spend time with Snapchat.

Women and youngsters use social media

Besides the differences across the individual countries in the Nordics we see that the social media usage also differs when looking at genders and age groups.


In general, women use a bit more social media than males. In average, women use 3,2 social media per person while men use 2,9. This difference is primarily related to the higher use of Pinterest and Instagram among the female part of the Nordic population. Three times as many women use Pinterest and 50 % more women than men use Instagram. Only YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are used by a few more men than women.

When looking at age groups we see that the young use far more social media than the old. Especially the age group between 15-25 years stands out as particularly fond of social media with an average of 4,2 social media used per person. In contrast, the age group of 56+ years just use 2,1 social media per person. Looking at the social media used across age groups we see that this difference is linked to a far larger share of the young using Instagram and Snapchat. The only social media used by a larger share of the middle aged and older age groups is LinkedIn.

Get further insights

Download the study below to find further insights on the social media usage across the Nordics. Enjoy!