New Study: With the rise of virtual reality, we are on the brink of a new device revolution

The days of one person, one computer, one cookie are long gone (if they ever existed outside of the simple campaign tracking world). Today’s digital media consumption is a patchwork of devices. The average Joe has access to more than 7 devices with internet access and new devices are continuously being introduced.

VR and smartwatches are gaining traction

Right now, virtual reality and smartwatches are gaining traction. According to our new study, 10% of American men have access to a virtual reality device and in the Nordics, the smartwatch has doubled its market penetration from just last year.

The new devices are – for now – just a drop in the ocean of time spent online. However, they are a part of the increasingly difficult puzzle of identifying users across a multitude of devices and apps.

The device revolution is coming

The question for the media industry is how the new devices will affect the media consumption and how we can adapt to a reality with several computers and mobile devices for one person, and not just think about one device and one cookie for one person. Now we face a reality of even more possible devices and there is no doubt that the ability to identify people across not only computers and mobiles, but also smart TVs, smartwatches and virtual reality devices will be increasingly important in the future.

While the fragmented landscape of devices is a potential headache for the tech side of the media industry (where our cross device tracking can provide a soothing relief), the creatives must be licking their chops. The possibilities for storytelling and connecting to an audience across the device patchwork, will bring new exciting opportunities for engaging audiences on a whole new level.

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