Between online video and streaming there is now complete coverage among the young part of the population.

Online video and streaming is now so embedded in the media habits of young people that almost the entire segment between 15-25 years can be reached through online videos and streaming channels. This is one of the interesting findings of our new study on the media usage across the Nordics.

Almost everybody in the young age groups watch online video. Among the 15-25 years old, 96 % watch videos online while this is the case with 94 % in age group between 26-35 years.

Additionally, streaming is now bigger than traditional TV among the 15-25 years old. In this age group, 74 % watch traditional TV while 80 % are streaming. When looking isolated at Denmark and Sweden, streaming is also bigger than traditional TV among the 26-35 years old.

These numbers are a testament to the value of cross channel advertising as they show how potent online video and streaming has become when planning campaigns towards the younger audiences. It is no longer possible to just focus on a few big TV-channels.

Also, this increasingly fragmented media consumption calls for a higher level of documentation in the supplier end. With the many possibilities and players, the demand for solid validation and coherent targeting is increasing.

Second screen on the rise

Besides the wide distribution of online video and streaming among the young part of the population, our study shows that we are increasingly using other devices while watching TV.

Two out of three use other devices while watching TV and among the younger age groups the number is even higher. In the age group between 15-25 years, 85 % either use their desktop, tablet or mobile when they watch TV and among the 26-35 years old the number is 82 %.

The study shows that we are primarily using our mobile while watching TV. Desktop is preferred by 24 %, while 25 % tend to use their tablet and 43 % mostly use their mobile. Especially among the young between 15-25 years the mobile usage is high as 66 % use their mobile while watching TV.

However, this increasing usage of other devices while watching TV is not necessarily a bad thing as it gives advertisers new possibilities to reach audiences across platforms. At the same time, it makes new creative approaches possible. The challenge for the industry is understanding how to reach the same segments at the same time with the right message.

Get further insights
Download the study below to find further insights on the media habits across the Nordics in regards to traditional TV watching, streaming and online video watching. Enjoy!