Traditional media platforms no longer main sources of news

By Rune Werliin, AudienceProject

Traditional media platforms – TV, radio and printed newspapers – have been surpassed by online news sites and social media as the main sources of news

The time when news was primarily consumed on traditional media platforms is over. Now, more people consider online news sites and social media – instead of TV, radio and printed newspapers – to be their main sources of news. This is with the US as the exception, as the use of TV for news is remarkably high among the Americans.Especially among the young, online news sites and social media are important sources of news. In the US, social media is now the main source of news among the 15-25 year olds and in Norway almost two thirds in this age group consider online news sites to be their main source of news.

Traditional media companies behind most popular news sites

Despite the fact that news is now primarily consumed online, it is worth noting that it is still the traditional media companies originating from TV and newspapers who are behind the most preferred online news sites.

In the US and UK, traditional media companies are behind half of the top online news sites, while seven out of the top ten news sites in the Nordics are driven by traditional media companies.

Less trust in online news sites

Even though online news sites is the main source of news in all countries – except from in the US – online news sites face a challenge in terms of trust from their users.

During the last year, fake news has been the hot potato of the media industry and it seems like people have been affected. Around one third of the online population in the US, UK and Nordics say that they have less trust in online news sites compared to last year.

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In the study below, you can learn more about news consumption in the US, UK and Nordics. Enjoy!

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