AudienceProject introduces Sosioraster segments, enabling you to reach people based on their cultural and economic resources

For the past 20 years, BTF Innsikt and TNS Gallup have made an extensive consumer study identifying categories of people based on their amount of cultural and economic resources – the so-called Sosioraster study. AudienceProject now makes these categories of people available for targeting by introducing Sosioraster segments.

Cultural and economic resources define consumption behaviour

When targeting campaigns, demographic segments are often added as demographic characteristics tells a lot about our preferences. However, our demographic profile doesn’t tell the full story of what we are interested in. To a greater extent, this is defined by our cultural and economic resources, which forms our lifestyle and view of the world. This is the reason why the Sosioraster study is made.

Based on a long list of objective variables such as economy, education and upbringing, the study identifies categories of people based on their social similarities and differences. In other words, it divides people into groups of people with the same amount of cultural and economic resources and thus the same lifestyle and view of the world. In this way, the Sosioraster segments make it possible to improve the targeting of your campaigns by delivering your message to the people that actually have a preference for your product or product category.

Nine new segments introduced

With the introduction of our Sosioraster segments, we make nine new segments available:

The segments are categorized by what is being considered as drivers for status as well as how many resources you have. This means that the segments to the left are considering knowledge and insight into cultural phenomena as status while the segments to the right are considering money and material things as status. And as the model illustrates, the segments at the bottom have a low amount of resources while the segments at the top have a high amount of resources.

At our AudienceData website, you can learn in more detail what characterizes each of the nine Sosioraster segments.

Reach the segment relevant to you

As our cultural and economic resources are defining for our lifestyle and view of the world and thus our preferences, you can use the Sosioraster segments to reach people that are relevant to your specific campaign.

You can e.g. reach The Cultural Elite with campaigns for museums and art exhibitions, while you can reach The Economic Elite with campaigns for golf equipment and expensive leather shoes.

Get started

Our Sosioraster segments are available in both Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager for clients in Norway.

Reach out to Thomas Jepsen at and learn how to get started targeting your campaigns towards the new Sosioraster segments.