Do you want to know if it is a good idea to use data on your campaign? Well, now the answer is only a click away. On our brand new AudienceData website, you can see all the segments that we are offering and calculate the effect of adding data to your campaign.

Since the introduction of AudienceData, we have committed ourselves to creating transparency in a data ecosystem characterized by opaque data sources and a general lack of quality data. From the get-go, we have openly presented the methodology behind our data offering including information about where our data originally comes from and given exact information about what to expect when using our audience targeting data.

Transparent audience targeting data

By launching our new AudienceData website, we have now taken a step further in the direction of creating transparency around our data offering.

On the website, we present you with information about the cornerstones which AudienceData is built upon:

  • Transparency
  • Affinity
  • Real People
  • Privacy

In short, these cornerstones assure you that you are provided with reliable segments based on real survey answers from real people, that you are able to predict the actual performance of your campaigns and that you are provided with trustworthy data compliant with GDPR guidelines.

Furthermore, you can learn how AudienceData helps you improve your specific business whether you are an advertiser, an agency or a publisher.

Browse all segments

Besides general information about AudienceData, you are able to browse through the wide range of segments that we are offering:

  • Demographic segments
  • Lifestyle segments
  • Family Life Cycle segments
  • Ownership segments
  • Purchase intent segments

Not only do we provide you with information about how the different segments are built and how you can use them. You can also dive into details about segment performance, platform availability etc. on every segment in each of our segment categories.

Calculate data payoff on affinity based segments

To make the value of using our segments as transparent as possible, you are even able to make your own campaign specific calculations based on campaign budget, CPM price and segment affinity to see if – and how much – it will pay off if you add data to your campaign.

You can do this on the specific page of the segment you want to target. See an example here, where you can scroll down to the ‘Cost’ section and calculate the data payoff when targeting 18-24-year-olds in Denmark.

Please note that this is currently possible for our Demographic segments only. We will, however, enable this feature for more segment categories in the near future.

Learn more

You can visit the new AudienceData website at to learn more about our audience targeting service and the segments that we are offering. Enjoy!