Here at AudienceProject, we believe in making the complex simple – committing us to creating transparency in the data ecosystem. To meet this commitment, we have empowered our clients with a simple and trustworthy currency

Whether you are a publisher, an agency or an advertiser, the supply of data is no problem when running campaigns. However, when buying data, it is almost impossible to know what kind of methodology is being used and even more importantly where the data originally comes from. As a consequence of this, data is often seen as something indefinable and intangible, which makes it very difficult to know what you actually get when investing in data and what you are able to achieve when using data.

To deal with this obscurity and to create total transparency in the data ecosystem, we have launched a website presenting the methodology behind the collection of our data as well as what effect you can expect when using our data in different platforms. This in order to provide a transparent overview assuring you that you know what you buy and that you get what you pay for.

Freedom of choice

At our website, we have presented a series of flexible segments made available for you when using our data. On top of that, our segments come in different affinities giving you the freedom of choice to pick the segment, hit rate and size that best fit your specific campaign size, budget and plan. In this way, you can spend your marketing budget on the right consumers directly, reducing the amount of impressions that are wasted. By reducing the wastage you will ultimately improve the contact price in your target group.

Why affinity?

In order to pick the right strategy for any campaign you need to be able to measure and compare the effectiveness of different strategies. By using affinity as a metric for our segments, you will know exactly how well your campaign will perform in the target group. This allows you to compare the performance of programmatic data driven strategies versus traditional media placement planning and quantify the reduction in wasted impressions on any given campaign.

Get started

Our affinity segments are ready for your campaigns in Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Visit our AudienceData website and get further insights about the affinity segments made available for you when using our data in the different platforms.