Many companies are in possession of huge amounts of valuable data but lack the tools or knowledge to properly activate it. Now, AudienceProject opens up for companies to get their data activated for targeting segments enabling you to reach your desired audiences or even start selling data yourself. All of this just by utilising the technology behind the AudienceProject product suite.

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced two new series of segments – the Sosioraster segments and PriceRunner segments – made available for targeting through Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Like all of our other segments, these segments help advertisers reach more relevant people and thus improve the performance of their campaigns.

What differs these segments from the ones we have previously introduced is that they are not based on AudienceProject seed data but data collected by other companies. The Sosioraster segments are based on survey data from an extensive consumer study made by BTF Innsikt identifying categories of people based on their amount of cultural and economic resources, while the PriceRunner segments are based on behavioural data from the traffic on the PriceRunner website identifying purchase intent within different product categories.

By combining this survey data and behavioural data, respectively, with our proprietary prediction engine and data ecosystem, we have been able to build these two series of segments. In short, BTF Innsikt and PriceRunner have provided the seed data while we have predicted and distributed the segments in the ecosystem.

Activation = Monetization

In these cases, BTF Innsikt and PriceRunner have been able to utilize the value of their data in a completely new way. By getting their data activated for targeting segments, BTF Innsikt and PriceRunner have now become data sellers themselves and the activation of the data has thus opened up for a new revenue stream.

However, having your data activated could also be beneficial in other ways. If you are a publisher with lots of data about which sections of your website your various users are visiting, you could e.g. use this data as a foundation for building segments defined by specific interests. In this way, you could extend the reach in the segments and thus provide a much more competitive offering to your advertisers as the segments would enable them to reach only the relevant people visiting your website instead of reaching an average distribution of your user base.

And this wouldn’t only be beneficial for publishers. A data activation like this could also be applied if you are an e-commerce. If you are in possession of data about which of your users are interested in or buying products within specific categories, you could use this data to build product specific segments, which could be targeted for specific campaigns and thereby optimize your media investment.

AudienceProject as a technology provider

With this new approach, AudienceProject is moving from being a data vendor to being a data activation provider. In other words, we are no longer just providing data but also providing our technology and expertise.

Specifically, we are using our prediction engine to extend the seed data provided by you, meaning that we help you identify other users with the same overall behaviour as the users in your seed data are having. In this way, we help you activate your data.

Want to activate your data?

In the near future, we will introduce yet another couple of segments for targeting based on data from various companies adding to the already existing Sosioraster and PriceRunner segments. Maybe you are next in line?

Reach out to Mathias Bugat Sørensen at if you are also interested in getting your data activated and learning how to benefit from it.