By introducing AudienceProject as a tech partner, Geomatic has made their most valuable segments including various conzoom®groups and types available for online targeting. The conzoom®groups and types come with distinctive demographics, lifestyle, behaviours and attitudes enabling you to put the right message in front of the right people and optimise your campaign performance to the fullest.

Since 2002, Geomatic has offered its geo segmentation tool conzoom®, helping clients in Denmark, and lately, the rest of the Nordics, optimise their offline marketing efforts. Based on national registry data on households and their families, conzoom® uncovers common features that can be found and measured across the country through mathematical data modelling, statistics and interviews. This enables conzoom® to divide the Danish households into nine different groups with 36 underlying types, each with their particular characteristics defining them as consumers and citizens.

From offline to online targeting

In close collaboration with Geomatic, AudienceProject now introduces a series of Geomatic Online segments including various conzoom®groups and types, enabling Danish clients to expand the use of the conzoom®segments from the offline world to the digital landscape. In addition to the conzoom®segments, Geomatic Online also includes segments like house owners, holiday home owners, private professionals, and segments based on an estimated value of the house people live in.

As with the Sosioraster segments and PriceRunner segments introduced at the end of last year, the new series of Geomatic Online segments is a result of another company – in this case Geomatic – utilising our proprietary prediction engine and data ecosystem to build their own segments.

Based on the household geolocation of our panelists, Geomatic has defined in which of their segments the AudienceProject panelists belong. This has enabled Geomatic to combine the deterministic data about the panelists’ geolocation with high-quality behavioral data to find similar audiences online and in this way build the conzoom®groups, types and other segments for online targeting.

27 new segments introduced

For now, 27 segments are made available for online targeting. These are eight of the nine conzoom®groups and twelve of the 36 conzoom®types that the Danish households are divided into. In addition, seven other segments with more narrow characteristics are made available.

Available conzoom®groups:

Available conzoom®types:

Additional Geomatic Online segments:

Reach the segment relevant to you

The common features that the conzoom®segments are divided by is based on a wide range of variables such as age, income, education, housing, social class and whether they have children or not. This means that you can e.g. reach the career-oriented families with time and energy (A1 Successful living / A1 Overskud i hverdagen) or the elderly families with children living on their own (B3 Empty nesters / B3 Plads i reden).

Each of the conzoom®segments has distinctive demographics, lifestyle, behaviors and attitudes enabling you to find the segment relevant to your specific product or product category. You can e.g. advertise gardening equipment towards ‘A3 Distinguished elders (A3 Gyldne hjem)’ who in particular are enjoying gardening or advertise cultural offerings towards ‘D1 The Gold Coast (D1 Formue og formåen)’ who are often going to concerts and in the theatre as well often visiting art exhibitions and museums.

If the segment most relevant to you is characterized by a narrower characteristic such as house ownership or people living in expensive houses, these segments can also be targeted with the Geomatic Online segments. And if you have the need for a very specific bespoke segment, Geomatic and AudienceProject can use their methodology to create this for you and make it available for online targeting.

Get started

At our AudienceData website, you can learn more about the new Geomatic Online segments and what characterises each of the 27 segments made available for online targeting. You can also visit to learn even more about conzoom®.

Reach out to Tania Holm Linke, Senior Consultant at Geomatic, at and learn how to get started targeting your campaigns towards the new Geomatic Online segments.