AudienceProject introduces Lifestyle Segments, providing you with the opportunity to target your campaigns towards personal characteristics. You can now target an audience with the interests and lifestyles fit for your campaign!

Imagine if you could not only target your campaigns towards certain demographic groups, but also towards target groups with an interest related to the product or service you are advertising for. By introducing our Lifestyle Segments this is now possible.


The Lifestyle Segments are a new way to target your audience in relation to their actual lifestyle, rather than rely on assumptions about certain demographic groups. The Lifestyle Segments will hence characterise people with certain areas of interests. This means that the segments, not necessarily will be suitable for one category of products or services only. I.e. a person can both have an interest in cars and in finance.

The optimal use of the Lifestyle Segments will be to perceive them as opinion-leaders or as part of an on-going customer base, which not necessarily means that they always will be in-market. In other words, the segments can be used both for branding- and performance campaigns.

High quality segments

Our new Lifestyle Segments are based on behavioural patterns, extensive mapping of interests among our survey panelists and validation against our massive online panel. This means, that the segments are based on a mix of deterministic survey data and a certain pattern of online behaviour, defined by thorough analysis with strict criteria. By doing this we ensure high quality segments, that captures a true lifestyle.

Get started

Our Lifestyle Segments are ready for your campaigns in Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Download our Lifestyle Whitebook and get further insights on the Lifestyle Segments made available for you when using our data in the different platforms.

Download the Lifestyle Segments white book