AudienceProject introduces Generation segments, enabling you to target your campaigns based on a specific generation

Ascribing universal attributes to people born in the same time period can be difficult. However, the time period in which we are born heavily influences our values, attitudes and experiences, which again have a profound effect on our consumption behaviour.

Different generations, different consumption behaviours

The Silent Generation, also known as The Depression Generation as they were born during The Great Depression or World War II, are known for being slow to embrace new things and for distrusting change. At the same time, they are very little price sensitive and will be your customers for life if you provide high-quality products. Their economic prosperity and age mean that they are both interested in upscaling their children and grand children’s furniture, clothing and toys and in buying products such low fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol foods.

The Baby Boomers, who were born in the Post-World War II baby boom, are also known for being more concerned about the quality than the price of the products they are buying. They are very little price sensitive if they believe they are getting a superior product. For that reason, they are particularly likely to buy luxury travels, expensive restaurant meals and so on. Furthermore, due to their age, they are much focused on health, wellness and personal care products.

For comparison, Generation X is characterized by being the most price-conscious generation while also being very disloyal to brands and companies. At the same time, as people in this generation often have children living at home, they value family first. This means that they are especially interested in household products like appliances, games, magazines and so on.

The Millennials are known for paying less attention to quality and expecting competitive prices that can be negotiated. At the same time, they are interested in products with a greater purpose than the mere profit on the bottom line such as globalization or global warming and responds well to environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, this generation is interested in cars, room furnishing, action sports equipment and entertainment.

Finally, we have Generation Z who is known for appreciating authenticity and “realness”. In this generation, music, fashion, cosmetics and video games are among the most important products.

Reach the generation relevant to you

With all the different consumption behaviours that are defining for each generation, the new Generation segments made available provide a good basis for reaching the people relevant to your specific product.

For instance, if you are advertising fashion clothes, you might want to target the campaign towards Generation Z or Millennials, whereas you might want to target a campaign with health care products towards Baby Boomers or The Silent Generation.

Get started

As it is the case with the majority of our already existing segments, these new segments are available in both Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager for clients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK.

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started targeting your campaigns towards our new Generation segments.