In close collaboration with PriceRunner, AudienceProject now makes a number of new purchase intent segments available enabling you to take the targeting of your campaigns to a whole new level

Every month, thousands of people go to PriceRunner to search for and compare prices on a variety of different products. By combining the first class behavioural purchase intent data generated by this traffic with AudienceProject’s proprietary prediction engine and data ecosystem, we are now able to provide a new series of purchase intent segments.

With these segments, you can move from targeting your campaigns towards people who you have an idea about may be interested in your product to targeting your campaigns towards people who are in the market for your product.

Improve campaign performance

As the PriceRunner segments are based on purchase intent behaviour, you can use the segments to improve the performance of your campaigns. Each of the segments is characterized by people being in the market for a specific product or product category meaning that you can reach people who have an actual interest in your specific product.

Four new segments introduced

With the introduction of the PriceRunner segments, we make four new purchase intent segments available for targeting:

At our AudienceData website, you can learn more about each of the new PriceRunner segments.

High-quality segments

As it is the case with all of our other segments, the PriceRunner segments are based on some of the strongest and most reliable algorithms in the market as well as some of the largest online panels ensuring a superior segment quality.

Besides this, it is important to bear in mind that the PriceRunner segments are based on predictions – not retargeting. This means that members of the various PriceRunner segments have the same overall behaviour as those who have searched for a specific product on PriceRunner’s site and that we are beyond the typical retargeting issue, where people are haunted by a specific product ever since they took a glance at it or purchased it. In other words, the PriceRunner segments deliver real future intent – not past intent.

Finally, as purchase intent behaviour is dynamic, the PriceRunner segments are built on data no older than 3 weeks ensuring you that the segments are based on behaviour from people who actually are in the market for your product.

Get started

The PriceRunner segments are available in both Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager for clients in Denmark.

Reach out to Mathias Bugat Sørensen at and learn how to get started targeting your campaigns towards our new PriceRunner segments.