With Family Life Cycle segments from AudienceData, you can use targeting data more effectively for campaigns relevant to people in a certain stage of life

When using targeting data for your campaigns, you will usually choose between different sociodemographic characteristics. However, by introducing Family Life Cycle segments you are no longer limited to do so. Now, you can target your campaigns towards audiences based on their life cycle.

More effective use of data

By providing you with segments based on life cycles, we enable you to improve the targeting of your campaigns. As the Family Life Cycle segments are characterized by people being in a certain stage of life, you can use the Family Life Cycle segments to target campaigns with products or product categories relevant to certain life cycles. You can e.g. reach the new parents in need of diapers, the young adults looking for a vacation or the senior citizens in need of anti-aging creme.

Family Life Cycle segments

The Family Life Cycle segments that you now have the opportunity to target your campaigns towards are as follows:

High quality segments

AudienceProject’s Family Life Cycle segments are based on a unique combination of survey data and behavioural analysis. Once distinct behavioural patterns have been identified, a control group of real panelists are used to verify the affinity of each segment. In other words, AudienceProject’s Family Life Cycle segments are based on online behaviour of real people, who have provided sociodemographic information in a survey.

Get started

Our Family Life Cycle segments can be targeted through Adform and DoubleClick Bid Manager in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Download our Family Life Cycle Whitebook to get a thorough declaration of the different segments and the methodology behind them.

Happy campaigning!

Download Family Life Cycle Whitebook

Family Life Cycle Whitebook – DK

Family Life Cycle Whitebook – SE

Family Life Cycle Whitebook – NO

Family Life Cycle Whitebook – FI