With the launch of the Danish Market Standard – a new transparent measurement standard for addressable TV campaigns – AudienceProject is now the agency of record for addressable TV in Denmark

At AudienceProject, we chart the trends of the TV and video industry every year. And in our recently published study, we once again see a massive leap forward for the different versions of digital TV and video viewing and a decline in linear TV viewing.

With the increase in the audience, you would expect a corresponding increase in the ad spend, but the revenue is only now starting to pick up speed. So what has changed?

Like all other markets, adoption demands maturity to move beyond just the first movers. And maturity for an advertising platform means measurement and proven ROI.

How AudienceProject measures addressable TV

This is where AudienceProject’s ability to do cross-device measurement comes into the picture.

Right now, AudienceProject is engaged in projects in both the UK, Germany and Nordics, where we measure and validate the audiences reached through addressable TV campaigns. This enables advertisers to see what they get and broadcasters to document what they deliver in total TV ratings, covering both linear TV and addressable TV.

The solution is based on AudienceProject’s measurement platform AudienceReport with its proprietary addressable TV module that allows measurement of devices without a unique identifier such as smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, etc.

Together with TechEdge, AudienceProject integrates addressable TV data with linear TV data into one coherent view and document the incremental reach from the addressable TV campaign to the linear TV campaign taking the guesswork out of the media planning altogether.

AudienceProject is now the agency of record for addressable TV in Denmark

In the Danish market, AudienceProject has joined forces with the three biggest broadcasters (TV 2, NENT and Discovery) to create a transparent measurement standard for the new fledgeling ad platform, addressable TV.

To ensure comparability with linear TV and the premium nature of TV, the Danish broadcasters have agreed on a Danish Market Standard for measuring addressable TV campaigns.

To qualify as an addressable TV impression and be eligible for integration with linear TV, the following criteria have to be met under the Danish Market Standard:

  • Ad spots over 10 seconds:
    Viewed more than 50%, while being 100% in screen.
  • Ad spots under 10 seconds:
    Viewed all the way through, while being 100% in screen.

With this new measurement standard, AudienceProject helps to bring transparency into the performance of each of the three broadcasters addressable TV.

Get further insights

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