Marketers no longer have to live in the dark when they run multi-platform campaigns. With the introduction of Integrated Reporting in AudienceReport, you can now get a complete overview of your campaign performance.

There is a constant influx of new platforms for your digital ad spend. Facebook, Google, display networks and addressable TV are just some of the options. Unfortunately, the many platforms have made it impossible to get a clear overview of your performance across the different platforms.

That is until now, as we are introducing Integrated Reporting in AudienceReport. With this new cross-platform campaign validation solution, you will now be able to get a complete overview of your campaigns’ performance validated by a third-party. This includes the opportunity to gather insights about the reach overlap between Facebook, YouTube and other platforms so you can see the total unique reach of your campaigns as well as the unique reach on each of the sources.

Integrated Reporting as a part of AudienceReport

Integrated Reporting is a part of AudienceReport, meaning you will be able to compare key metrics for campaigns running across Facebook and YouTube with other platforms like addressable TV and even linear TV through our integration to TechEdge.

In order to get started with the cross-platform validation, you will need to connect your Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads/Display & Video 360 accounts to AudienceReport. This way, we will be able to retrieve data from those platforms and integrate it with data from other platforms in AudienceReport.

Once the accounts are connected, you simply create a new campaign and select the new “Integrated Report” type in the first step. The only difference between a Standard Campaign and an Integrated Report is that you add “sources” instead of “tracking points” (sources can be existing AudienceReport campaigns or campaigns from the accounts you have connected).

Once the campaign is up and running, you will be able to easily compare the profile, reach and affinity metrics for the added sources.

The technology and methodology behind Integrated Reporting

As mentioned above, the cross-platform validation in AudienceReport is based on Facebook and YouTube data we retrieve from your Facebook Business Manager accounts and Google Ads/Display & Video 360 accounts, which we then transfer to AudienceReport and integrate into a single report.

When Facebook and YouTube data is transferred to AudienceReport, it is calibrated against AudienceProject’s panel to make sure that the data is comparable with the other data in AudienceReport.

Finally, to make sure that the reach overlap between Facebook, YouTube and other platforms is taken into account, we de-duplicate the reach with a model based on usage patterns across the different sources.

In our FAQ, you can learn more about Integrated Reporting and how to get started creating one.

Get started

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started validating your campaign performance across Facebook, Google and other platforms with Integrated Reporting in AudienceReport.