The fastest campaign measurement tool in the market just got even faster. A lot faster. This will finally allow true real-time optimization of campaigns in AudienceReport and much less waiting time for publishers when creating Kits in UserReport

For all of you speed addicts out there, we have some great news!

AudienceReport is already the fastest campaign measurement tool in the market, but that’s not holding us back. We want to set the bar even higher and have therefore optimized our code and added some more juice to our calculation engine.

The result has vastly accelerated the calculation speed in AudienceReport to just a fraction of what it was previously!

Finally. Real-time campaign optimization.

The speed improvements in the AudienceReport calculation engine bring along much shorter intervals between data refreshes in your report, which now happens every 5 or 10 minutes – finally allowing real-time campaign optimization. In fact, numbers are coming in so frequently, that you’ll be able to see your reports update live in the dashboard. So grab some popcorn, sit back and literally watch as those numbers are ticking in!

Changing target groups is now a breeze

If you are frequently changing your target group in your campaigns, you’ll be pleased to know that updated report numbers will now be ready in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Again, this makes AudienceReport a much more flexible tool when it comes to planning and optimizing campaigns.

Great news, publishers: Kits are also faster

Since UserReport Kits is built on top of the AudienceReport engine, the speed of generating Kits has vastly increased as well making it possible to create Kits based on different target groups in no time and identify the perfect media plan for advertisers.

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