AudienceReport introduces a new groundbreaking addressable TV measurement feature giving you true cross-device measurement of your campaigns

Addressable TV has been one of the hot topics in the media industry this year. And with good reason. With addressable TV, advertisers are offered a solution where traditional TV campaigns are combined with digital technology allowing advertisers to deliver personalised messages with their TV campaigns.

With this new opportunity of reaching specific audiences with TV campaigns, the need for measuring these campaigns is obvious. To meet this need, we are now introducing a new addressable TV measurement feature in AudienceReport.

True cross-device measurement

With our addressable TV measurement feature, we are giving you the opportunity to not only measure your campaigns across computers, tablets and mobiles but now also across Apple TVs, Chromecasts, Rokus, PlayStations etc. and combine it with online TV and linear TV for a complete overview of your total campaign activity.

This way, you are now able to see the effects of your campaigns across online video, addressable TV and linear TV in a coherent measurement allowing you to continuously analyse and optimise your campaigns to improve your media mix and minimise waste.

How it works

When activated, the addressable TV measurement feature in your AudienceReport account will apply addressable TV measurement to your campaigns. By default, AudienceReport will automatically determine which tracking points in your campaign the addressable TV measurement should apply to. This is based on whether the majority of the tracking point traffic is coming from addressable TV devices. This can also be set manually if you want an even higher level of control with your measurement.

As addressable TV devices tend to be used by multiple persons in a household (unlike most computers, tablets and mobiles) and don’t provide us with a cookie or a mobile advertiser ID that we can link to a single person, it is worth noting that the addressable TV measurement will provide insights on a household level.

Below you can see which addressable TV devices we are currently measuring.

In our FAQ, you can learn more about our new addressable TV measurement feature.

Get started

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started measuring your addressable TV campaigns in AudienceReport.