Are you tired of having only clicks and impressions as the means available to assess your digital campaigns? If so, rest assured that others share your despair. What do these metrics actually tell about the fate of your campaign?

Not much. Even more, if you want to plan and compare your digital ad spend relative to other platforms such as for example TV, you´re – pardon my French – screwed. How do you compare impressions and clicks to metrics from other platforms?

Well, AudienceReport comes to the rescue. What about just skipping imps and clicks and instead focusing your campaign documentation on the following pieces of information:

  • The reach generated by your campaign in your required target group. Shown for the campaign as such and each contributing site and/or placement.
  • The total number of TRP´s delivered by the campaign.
  • The number of impressions actually reaching the target group
  • The affinity of the impressions and clicks delivered in the campaign relative to the target group
  • The real campaign effects such as lift in campaign awareness, brand liking etc. among exposed and not exposed to the campaign.

Do you agree that this information would be much more helpful than just clicks and imps? Well, our system is designed to create these very Metrics. It´s not magic, it´s all made possible by the very large audience and research panels that we build and maintain. By adding a small piece of code into the tag or the ad-material or on the site, we count every impression, click or site-visit and link it to our underlying panel. This way, we can make the estimates above. We´ll even do it realtime during the course of your campaign to enable you to adjust and improve along the way!

Check out below to see a few examples – click the images to view full size examples (notice that the number are slightly ‘dummified’)