Save precious time with our new Google Campaign Manager integration and get a clearer overview of your AudienceReport campaigns sent to AdvantEdge with our latest TechEdge integration update.

Track your campaigns in Google Campaign Manager with AudienceReport

We believe Google Campaign Manager (previously known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager – DCM) is one of the best tools to organise and centralise your marketing efforts. That is why we have worked hard to build a smooth, automated integration between Google Campaign Manager and AudienceReport.

It now just takes a click to track the most important metrics of your Google Campaign Manager campaigns in AudienceReport. This means you can finally avoid wasting time manually implementing pixels from Google Campaign Manager to AudienceReport and start focusing all your efforts on what matters the most: optimising your campaigns.

If you have an AudienceReport account, you will simply just need to log in and enable the integration. From there on, the tracking will be taken care of automatically: for each of your Google Campaign Manager campaigns, a corresponding project will be created in AudienceReport. Voilà!

Send snapshots of your AudienceReport campaign to TechEdge

Since 2015, we have been teaming up with TechEdge to deliver a merged measurement for TV and digital advertising. That is when the integration between AudienceReport and TechEdge’s AdvantEdge was first created.

Now, we are introducing a new version of the integration, with the aim of giving you a more complete overview of the integration and its status, including which campaigns have been sent and which campaigns have synced.

Up until today, it was not possible to send an AudienceReport campaign to AdvantEdge more than once. With this update, you will be able to send the data from your AudienceReport campaigns to AdvantEdge multiple times and with different report periods. The “snapshots” of your campaigns will be shown in the new TechEdge tab, available in the settings for your AudienceReport campaigns. In the same tab, you will also be able to monitor the status of the syncing between the two platforms. This way, you will quickly know whether the integration was successful or if something needs to be fixed. 

Get Started

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started with both integrations.