There is a lot of truth to the saying: “The devil is in the detail”. That’s why we’ve made some small, but significant adjustments to our campaign management system. All to make it a better experience for you to use AudienceReport.

When you work with your projects in AudienceReport, we strive to give you an intuitive experience that makes your life easier, and during the last couple of months we’ve made some great updates to live up to that ambition. These include some general improvements in our interface and we have also added some features as a result of our latest company integrations.

Improved user experience

By popular demand from our users, we have changed the navigation between the list pages in AudienceReport. For those of you who have a lot of projects in AudienceReport, we know that this will be a very appreciated feature. Instead of navigating in your projects through a line of dots you are now able to do this via a more user-friendly system.

AR Before blindedAR After blinded

Furthermore, we have changed how you pick the report period when creating a new project. Instead of selecting the days your campaign is running, you select this by weeks. Again, this change has been made to give you a better overview when you work with your projects in AudienceReport.

New features

New integrations – new opportunities

Besides the general improvements in our interface, some of our latest company integrations has led to some very interesting and useful features. With the recent integration between AudienceProject and TechEdge it is now possible to send your campaign to TechEdge directly from AudienceReport if you want to measure your campaign reach on both TV and Web. This means that you’re now able to see the effects of your digital – and TV advertising at the same time in a unified TV and digital audience measurement. Read more on our integration with TechEdge here.

Send Campaign To TechEdge

Another new feature in AudienceReport has been implemented due to our integration with Adform. With this integration it is now possible to automate tracking and validation of Adform campaigns in AudienceReport. This basically means less boring double-work and more time to do fun stuff. Read more on our integration with Adform here.

New features4

Finally, it is now possible for you to edit your account settings. This includes changing your company name and add an API key if you’ve got one.

New features1