We know that the ad impression is not always the only metric you want to measure. In-view, clicks and video plays are just some of the events that can be really important for a successful campaign as well. Don’t worry, AudienceReport now got you covered.

AudienceReport has always been about estimating audience reach and audience profiles based on ad impressions. However, for many campaigns, being able to analyse events like conversions, clicks, in-view and video plays are important metrics as well.

Good news: With our latest feature update – Event Tracking – you no longer have to use other tools to report non audience measurements. You now have the opportunity to measure the performance of your campaigns on a number of additional relevant KPI’s.

This means that you can now add conversions, clicks, in-view and other types of events to your tracking points. Firing tracking points with events associated now enables you to get a deeper understanding of how your campaigns are performing.


By adding events to your tracking points you can get a true overview of your conversion-funnels. How many were exposed to your campaign? How many were curious enough to click? How many converted?

Higher precision and more detailed reports

With this new feature in AudienceReport, you get a far more detailed overview of your campaign performance presented in an easily manageable design creating a much better overview of your campaigns. But besides this, the feature enables you to achieve a higher precision in reach, frequency and TRP’s and the reports exported from AudienceReport can now include in-view metrics, click through rates and conversion rates.

Also, you’re now able to create your own funnels in AudienceReport enabling you to visualize how many of your impressions actually resulted in conversions, clicks, who viewed your video to the end, who was in-view etc.

These events are currently available:


How to get started

To get started with this new feature you first of all need to know what you want to track; impressions, in-view, clicks, video plays etc. When you have decided this, you are ready to create your future campaigns with multiple event types. And if you just want to track impressions as you’ve done so far, you just keep using our campaign management tool the way you are used to.

Read more on Event Tracking and how to add different types of events to your tracking points in our FAQ article.

Happy campaigning!