With our latest feature in AudienceReport, it is now possible to conduct your own effectiveness studies of your digital campaigns. This enables you to prove the quality of your media assets to ensure client confidence and retention.

When working with your campaigns in AudienceReport, you are presented with a thorough and real-time overview of performance against target audiences – meaning you can verify to your clients how effective you are at delivering rich and cost-effective reach.

Now you can take your campaign validation to the next level and document the actual effect of your digital campaigns. With the introduction of our new self-service feature in AudienceReport – Intercept Sampling – you can intercept users, divided into two categories:

  • Group 1 – people who have been exposed to a given campaign running on your website
  • Group 2 – people who haven’t been exposed to the campaign.

Both groups are surveyed directly on your website, utilising our extensive, proprietary audience and research panel members (over 1 million fully consented panel members).

Did the campaign pay off?

The Intercept Sampling feature enables you to perform your own brand lift studies giving you the opportunity to not only prove strong delivery of the target audience but also to demonstrate that your campaign drove increased awareness and desire in the people it reached.

More specifically, you can tell if the users exposed to the campaign on your properties remember the campaign and the brand better than the users not exposed to it – and, crucially, if they are more likely to purchase the product or service presented in the campaign.

These studies can be initiated and executed rapidly and even on small bursts – e.g. a mobile campaign with a 2-week flight – with Intercept Sampling results available days later – making it a cost-effective and immediate solution, rapidly building and growing your advertiser relationships.

How it works

With these preparatory steps completed, you can start conducting brand lift studies on your campaigns that are tracked with AudienceReport. Once you have picked a campaign for Intercept Sampling, an equal distribution of users who have been exposed and not exposed to the campaign will receive the invitation overlay on your property and be encouraged to fill in your survey; giving you the opportunity to compare the results between the two groups.

The Intercept Sampling feature is very scalable and ideal for publishers who want to build trust and growth with branding and results-oriented advertisers.

How to get started

Reach out to your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started with Intercept Sampling.