With TV and digital becoming the biggest advertising markets, the demand for coherent audience measurements has been increasingly more important. Now AudienceProject and TechEdge have joined forces to create a unique, merged measurement for TV and digital advertising, and the first 400 campaigns has already been measured.

With the integration between our systems, AudienceReport and TechEdge’s AdvantEdge, you’re now able to see the effects of your digital and TV advertising in a coherent audience measurement. By combining the data from our measurement system with the TV-meter panel data, a merged data set for each campaign is generated, which can be used for live optimization, planning and documentation.

Measure effects across different channels

If you’re working with a campaign running on both online and TV, you can use the TechEdge interface to see how well the campaign is performing digitally and on TV. This will give you the tools to monitor total reach and the effects of the exposure across the different channels even while the campaign is still active.

The data is integrated and updated several times each day which enables you to continuously optimize and analyze your campaign based on the audience actually reach in the campaign and thereby minimizing waste.

If you want to know more or you’re ready to get started, please reach out to us at hello@audienceproject.com and we will be ready to assist you.

About TechEdge:

TechEdge was founded in Copenhagen in 2000. They’re world leaders in TV-audience analysis- and planning tools. Their systems are used by medias and media agencies across 60+ countries. In the Nordics, they’re used by 90 % of all media agencies and broadcasters. TechEdge supplies software to TAM, set top box data, VOD, web ratings, fusion and single source data.