Through a simple coding interface, you can now fetch, create and edit tracking points and projects. In short, the Campaign API makes it easy to integrate AudienceReport with other systems. Excel spreadsheets, fancy reporting dashboards or even a custom user interface inside your own system - the sky is the limit!

The challenge

So far the only way of getting to your AudienceReport data has been through the AudienceReport app. Don’t get us wrong, we love our app, but for some, it might not be sufficient if you want to integrate AudienceReport with your own system.

The solution

Well, life should get a lot easier now! The Campaign API lets you hook directly into the AudienceReport backend through a simple coding interface allowing you to extract, create and edit your tracking points and campaigns without ever entering the AudienceReport app interface. The means you can build virtually anything you need.

Safe and solid

We’ve spent a great deal of time building the AudienceReport Campaign API. We actually love and trust it so much, that it’s already powering a big part of our own AudienceReport app interface. We think that’s a pretty big quality assurance.

How do I get started?

Please send us an email – we’ll then provide you with a unique key, required for developers to access the Campaign API. We’ve also created some basic documentation, which should prove helpful to your developers once they start working with the API.

Authentication API documentation:

Campaign API documentation: