We proudly present some amazing new features in AudienceReport. Improved report update times, company branded PDF reports and an upcoming campaign API. Together and individually, these updates will make working with AudienceReport faster, easier and more customized. Bon appétit!

Reports are now updating 8 times per day

You talked, we listened! We’ve been hard at work improving report update times. The result is a whopping 800% improvement – meaning that [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]reports will now display fresh data every 3 hours[/inlinetweet]. This makes it much easier for you to monitor the effects of your placements and if your tracking pixels are working as expected.


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Customize the PDF report with your own logo and colors in AudienceReport[/inlinetweet]

Even though we love our color scheme, we know it doesn’t fit everyone. So now, PDF reports can be customized with a logo and two colors of your choosing – giving your reports a more personalized feel. If you interested, send us an email with your logo (high resolution) along with some color codes – and we’ll set it up for you. illustration-pdf1

Unlimited, creative freedom with the upcoming campaign API

The campaign API makes it easy to integrate AudienceReport with your own system. Through a simple coding interface, you can fetch, create and edit tracking points and projects – and thereby build anything you want! The API just went into BETA, and should be ready within the upcoming months – so stay tuned!