To be successful your campaign needs to generate engagement in the right audience. Here at AudienceProject we’ve got both covered!

When you´re done making your Campaign Audience Measurement, we can interview the very people actually exposed to the campaign and compare their Brand & Campaign Awareness, Ad-liking, Brand in Consideration and more to answers from people not receiving any exposure to the campaign.

Comparing exposed and not exposed to the campaign will give you clear insights into the brand lifts of the campaign – in short: the Engagement you´re creating. On top of the brand lifts we´ll give you lots of truly new unique insights about your campaign, like:

  • How much effect does the number of impressions (frequency) have on the brand lifts.
  • How many more people have added the brand to their consideration set as a result of the campaign
  • How much more campaign awareness will 1 mio. more impressions buy you?
  • And more

Learn more with an engagement report

Linking actual campaign exposure and survey responses allows for accurate studies that show the real engagement effects of the digital part of your campaign. With an engagement report from AudienceReport you’ll get detailed info about ad-effects, brand awareness, brand lifts and much more.
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