With a new updated version of Kits, you will now be able to build audience reports more easily and document to advertisers how good you are at reaching very specific profiles

Up until today, Kits has helped you validate your audience against sociodemographics criteria. Now, thanks to a new updated version of the tool, you can validate your audience against much more specific profiles that go beyond sociodemographics enabling you to showcase the full potential of your media to your advertisers.

In the new and cleaner interface, you can showcase to advertisers how good you are at reaching specific segments like female house owners or young people who are considering buying a new car.

Identify audiences with specific profiles

The new version of Kits comes with an opportunity of adding custom segments.

Thanks to this, you can now validate your audience not only against sociodemographics but also against customizable additional profile dimensions such as ownership and purchase intent segments. This means that you will e.g. be able to show your advertisers how many among your audience own a summerhouse or are considering buying a new car.

Document your ability to reach very specific audiences

By adding specific custom segments to your Kits, you can provide advertisers with insights into how well your digital media perform in regards to reaching very specific target groups related to their product or service.

This way, you have the opportunity to document the quality of your media and assure your advertisers that they reach their desired target groups.

For Immediate Media, one of the biggest media companies in the UK, Kits has been highly valuable:

“With Kits, we are able to measure our audience beyond standard demographics and document our ability to build reach in very specific target audiences. That allows us to demonstrate the unique value of our media brands towards our clients”

James Florence
Ad Manager, Programmatic Trading at Immediate Media

How custom segments works

Custom segments in Kits are based on unverified 3rd party data that is collected, uploaded and labelled as “custom segments”.

You can add a wide range of segments based on answers from UserReport surveys, which are already available in Kits or you can have your own self-defined custom segments uploaded from your CRM system.

A cleaner interface

The new updated version of Kits also comes with a cleaner and more intuitive interface.

Thanks to a new ‘build’ section, the process when setting up a Kit will be even smoother than before. With just a few clicks you’ll be able to modify the content and style of your Kit as well as preview how your Kit will look on any given device – all from the same page.

We also made it possible to filter the Kits overview page, which should make it easier to organize and find your Kits.

In our FAQ, you can learn much more about Kits.

Get started

If you want to get started with Kits, please contact Amalie Schjønning at amalie.schjoenning@audienceproject.com or call us at +45 30 31 00 51.

Please note:

Kits are only accessible for publishers with an active UserReport survey script implemented (as UserReport is the foundation for the validation of audiences in Kits)

Custom segments in Kits are available for publishers with an AudienceReport account who have the Custom Segments add-on activated.