TV advertising is crucial for building reach and product consideration in a quality content environment, but – as we all know – TV content consumption has changed drastically. Advertisers looking to maximise marketing outcomes need to adapt to this change and start measuring campaigns across the whole TV universe – not just linear TV.

Since the pandemic, the media industry has experienced significant shifts in structure, especially when it comes to consumers’ TV content consumption. As reported in our latest study on linear TV and streaming, consumers are increasingly migrating their attention from linear TV to digital video-on-demand (VOD) services. For example, our study found that 15-55-year-olds now prefer streaming over linear TV, and more than a quarter of the US and UK population are now pure streamers.

This change presents a key challenge for advertisers:

How can I reach my target audience most efficiently across linear TV and VOD services?

Understanding total TV reach and frequency

Understanding audience reach and frequency across linear TV and CTV is crucial to maximising the impact of video advertising investments on top of linear TV. At AudienceProject, we use high-quality panels and advanced statistical and technological approaches to provide advertisers with such measurement, allowing them to identify how many people in their target audience they are reaching, as well as how often and where. This way, advertisers and agencies are equipping themselves with an essential toolkit to unlock the audience value in the fragmented cross channel TV ecosystem.

Leveraging the value of measuring total TV

With insights on de-duplicated audience reach and frequency, advertisers can assess the performance of their campaigns and optimise their media investments by:

  • Extending the in-target audience reach
  • Improving the in-target audience accuracy
  • Reducing the excess audience frequency
  • Optimising the overall cost of the total reach across linear TV and CTV

In the end, this will result in an optimisation of the target audience contact price and an increase in the return on investment.

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