The media world is changing, there is no doubt about that. And with such disruption to the status quo, brands are forced to embrace the new challenges and find ways to deliver marketing excellence before their competitors do.

How does AudienceProject play a role in making sense of the changing media world? We understand the challenges, and have built a platform to help clients measure what really matters.

There have been many articles about the media challenges that marketers face, but here is a quick summary of those we think are most prominent:

  1. Media Consumption has changed dramatically: as our TV and streaming study reveals, linear TV viewing is declining in most countries, and on average, only 50% of people see themselves watching traditional TV in 5 years. Additionally, two-thirds of the surveyed people are using a second device when watching TV. These changes challenge the way that cross-media campaigns are being planned, received and measured.
  2. Privacy Regulations and Browser Initiatives are evolving: the death of third-party cookies is upon us, which changes the way our industry works. But not everything is lost, as Killing the Cookie Won’t Kill Cross-Audience Measurement explains.
  3. Budgets are being restructured/reduced: according to Gartner’s annual CMO spend survey, marketing budgets have shrunk from 11% of company revenue, in 2020, to 6.4% in 2021, leaving marketers with less money to ensure great marketing and business performance.

We believe that audience measurement is a powerful tool for navigating these changes with confidence, in order to drive business upside through more effective marketing.

By challenging the status quo, and using measurement and research to uncover sometimes uncomfortable truths, great steps forward are being achieved by our clients.

Recently we have, among other things, seen our clients:

  • dramatically reduce the effective cost of reaching their target audience
  • cut out media which only built frequency, rather than built reach
  • identify the best (and most cost-effective) incremental reach partners to TV

How does AudienceProject help brands and agencies achieve these results?

AudienceProject uses well respected approaches to measurement that have been in use in the non-digital world since marketing research began in the early 20th century – namely running large, well-managed panels, and using statistical analysis in order to project robust sample-based truths onto the wider population.

But crucially, in the digital world, we make use of computer and technological advances to aid in the ‘filling of the gaps’ which the above described challenges present.

The result is audience information with a huge business impact!

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