Learn how AudienceProject helped Roots collect high-quality respondent data for their insight-based sales tool, and how AudienceProject helps Roots adding an extra layer to their sales tool by taking it from insight-based consultancy to insight-based execution of digital campaigns

In June 2019, Roots entered the Danish media market with their sales tool Roots Index designed to help media companies and agencies strategically advise their customers based on insights about their brands and how they are doing compared to their competitors in different segments. This to be able to identify their customers’ business opportunities and particularly valuable audiences.

Roots emerged as an offshoot of the consultancy company Redwood Management, which in few years has positioned itself as the leading consultancy company within insight-based consultancy in the media industry. In the following, you will learn how AudienceProject has worked an essential partner for Roots with the introduction of their sales tool and how AudienceProject helps Roots adding an extra layer to the insight-based consultancy that their sales tool is offering.

From data collection to data activation

Roots and AudienceProject’s close cooperation goes back a year and a half when Roots approached AudienceProject wanting to gain insights into consumers perception of a long list of brands in the Danish market. This is based on the fact that the development in the Danish media market had created a need for publishers, agencies and brands to have easy and quick access to this relevant information. A lot of people in the media industry are probably familiar with the concept of Challenger Sales, indicating that you, as a consultant, must or should put yourself in the customer’s position before the meeting with the customer.

AudienceProject has been an important partner for Roots as the quality and quantity of the respondents surveyed needed to be credible and complete so the users of Roots can advise their customers properly. But for Roots, it has been crucial to find a partner who is not only able to collect a lot of high-quality respondent data on an ongoing basis, but also allows the users of Roots to activate exactly the segments that lead to an advertiser’s business growth. It has been made possible by AudienceProject’s proprietary prediction engine combing the respondent data with AudienceProject’s active cookies.

The fact that you can easily visualise an advertiser’s opportunities in an often competitive market, while at the same time being able to build segments for digital activation is unique in the Danish media market as well as the Nordic media market as a whole. This brings two major wins: 1) the users of Roots can base their consultancy on quality data and 2) the advertisers will experience a higher realisation of KPIs as a result of a much more targeted segmentation.

Industry reports as an added value

On top of Roots Index, which contains well over 1,250 brands, AudienceProject has helped Redwood Management (and therefore Roots) produce several industry reports for the biggest industries in the Danish market. With these, Roots and AudienceProject have created the foundation for the users of Roots to get an even better understanding of the industries. Furthermore, the users of Roots have the opportunity to identify, build and activate segments that may be relevant to specific advertisers within the car, travel, finance, fashion or housing industry. You can find the industry reports here.

Learn more

At the moment, Roots Index is covering the Danish media market, but the ambitions with the cooperation between Roots and AudienceProject is initially to expand the offering to the rest of the Nordics.

At getroots.dk, you can learn more about how to get started with Roots Index. Here, you can also learn more about how to take the step from insight-based consultancy to insight-based execution of digital campaigns by building targetable segments for activation, based on Roots data identifying customers’ challenges and opportunities.