First time visitors is something websites are willing to pay a lot of money for. They come with the potential of a new customer ready to do business. But unfortunately more often first time visitors leaves as a missed opportunity.

With your loyal returning users you can personalise your communication to the specific user based on prior behaviour. But for most websites 80% of the visits comes from new unknown visitors, and when you have a blank canvas on your new user, communicating is based on the behaviour of the masses – leading to conversion rates plummeting.

Well at least until now.

AudienceProject has joined up with Innometrics to provide you with the possibility to target even a completely new visitor and create a personalised experience right from the start – based on sociodemographics from AudienceData. As the profiles is based on a community of anonymised data, you can dip into this shared profile base, and start personalising your website to improve conversion rates on your otherwise unknown users.

We did a webinar to further explain how we can help you. If you missed it live you can see it here:

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About Innometrics:

Innometrics was founded in 2009 and has offices in Stockholm, London, San Francisco and Mumbai. It’s the company behind Profile Cloud: A unique technology that gathers all customer data in one place thereby enabling you to build profiles. – To put it simply.

If you have a customer interacting with you on social media, who calls your call center, visits your website and receives your newsletter, from which you have some information about the customer that you’ve gathered in your CRM system that’s a lot of information to grasp, right? With Profile Cloud, all information is gathered in one interface that gives you the full overview and creates profiles for each customer based on all information and interactions from all your touchpoints. This happens every time your customer interacts with your company, through any channel, as soon as it happens.

Innometrics uses predictive data. They do this by combining trend data with details about a
customer’s past behaviour, which allows you to start identifying the likelihood of their next action. This is usually the prerequisite to make recommendations for the customer. With the integration with AudienceProject’s AudienceData product, you can do this with new customers, where you don’t have past behavior.