As a leading video advertising technology company, smartclip offers a multi-screen advertising experience across all digital devices with its proprietary programmatic technology, the SmartX Platform. smartclip provides yield-optimised content monetization for connected TVs, smart TVs, desktop and mobile devices. Now smartclip has chosen to integrate with AudienceProject's market leading documentation and targeting system.

The cooperation between AudienceProject and smartclip includes documentation of target group impacts and campaign effectiveness based on survey-driven exposed/non exposed interviews across online devices such as desktop, mobile and tablets as well as advanced real-time, data driven, media planning at scale. This enables smartclip to conduct accurate targeting on parameters like age, gender, income, household size, children in household, occupation and education. This deepened collaboration will take effect in August 2015.

– AudienceProject has in recent years grown to be a very strong player in the field of brand- and audience metrics and we’re thrilled that the hard work and long time relation has enabled us to deepen our cooperation. Online video continues to grow in both time- and ad-spend in the Nordics in 2015 and beyond. Now that we can serve video, both programmatically and on IO base, with even higher accuracy to the right audience across multiple platforms in real-time, we strongly believe that we have a further strengthened our position in the Nordic market space, says Robert Björk, Sales Director at smartclip Nordics.

– One of the biggest challenges for online video, but also digital, has been the ability to hit the right audiences. Since we started 5 years ago (2010) in the Nordics, this has always been a hot topic. We have worked closely with AudienceProject for a long time to be able to measure audiences but it has always been a challenge to execute the campaigns toward the target groups. With this deepened co-operation we will be able to make full use of the audience insights we gain with AudienceProject and therefore also get a better picture on how we have hit and the result of the campaign. We are happy to announce that we are able to do this in all Nordic markets. Going forward we will release more targeting options as income, family size etc but also build specific targeting for individual clients, says Kasper Jensen, Sales Manager, smartclip Denmark.

– We’ve worked with smartclip since 2013, so we know each other well by now. smartclip has always delivered good results, technical solutions and a professional service level. – So we are happy to be able to deliver an even more sophisticated real time, data driven, media planning service to smartclip, says Jacob Lachmann, CEO at AudienceProject.

About AudienceProject

AudienceProject originates from the Epinion Group, and its development is lead by market researchers with many years of experience and academic background – even in fields as demanding as polling and election research. AudienceProject employs a highly skilled team of 25 developers specialized in Big Data technologies with a goal to turn insights about audiences into actionable data. AudienceProject builds and maintains the largest online panels in the Nordics, and the product range consists of audience planning, validation and targeting on socio-demographics as well as other variables. AudienceProject has a market leading campaign effectiveness documentation suite ranging from measurements of impressions delivered to the target group to brand lifts measurements that document campaign effectiveness. The client portfolio consists of the largest media agencies, advertising networks and media houses. Visit AudienceProject at its product site: or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About smartclip

As a leading video advertising technology company, smartclip offers a true multi-screen advertising experience across all digital devices with their proprietary programmatic system, the SmartX Platform. They provide yield-optimized content monetization for connected TVs, smart TVs, linear TV, mobile devices, and over the web. Smartclip pioneers the future of TV brand advertising delivery and creates innovative solutions for interactive brand experiences by optimizing media efficiency, reach, and audience targeting. The company maintains it’s corporate headquarters in Hamburg, with an extensive network of offices throughout Europe and Latin America. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

For more information, please contact:

Mattias Spetz
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My Lundberg
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Peter Østrem
Sales Manager, AudienceProject
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