AudienceProject is now among a few select third-party vendors that integrate with Google Ads Data Hub.

Through the autumn of 2019, AudienceProject has been busy testing YouTube measurement through Google Ads Data Hub in close cooperation with Google and a few select clients. We are now finally at a stage where we can call ourselves officially integrated with Google Ads Data Hub.

The integration with Google Ads Data Hub is another step towards offering our clients more advanced cross-media and cross-channel measurement in any environment.

We expect to be able to release more specific news about the exact nature of those new opportunities during spring 2020, which will also include news on advanced YouTube measurement.

The integration with Google Ads Data Hub has implications far beyond the measurement of YouTube.

Google Ads Data Hub covers all types of inventory (except Search) bought on any Google buying platform (DV360, Google Ads, etc).

Google Ads Data Hub is an infrastructure that lets clients connect Google data and non-Google data at the person level, securely, in a privacy-compliant way.

Google Ads Data Hub is therefore also a key component in our journey towards a future, where third-party cookies will be discontinued from Chrome within the next two years. We will elaborate more on these initiatives in our 3rd party cookie trilogy currently being released.

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