We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with KIA-index to provide demographic data for the Swedish websites listed at KIA-index

The official measurement currency of visitor statistics in Sweden, KIA-index, will now be complemented with demographic data about gender, age, occupation etc. based on our audience measurements.

Going up against several other platforms the KIA-index board settled on our approach to audience measurements.

The methodology and technology is based on our award winning campaign measurement tool, AudienceReport, enabling us to quickly rollout the solution as publishers start tracking their websites.

The first socio-demographic data is expected to be released in September, creating greater transparency, trust and easier comparability on the Swedish digital media market.

For advertisers and agencies the new measurement is highly sought-after. As one of our partners, Markus Hedin, AVM Manager at MEC, puts it:

“The transparency will give us valuable information about which profiles visit which websites. This is extremely helpful knowledge when planning our digital campaigns”

Stay tuned for the first measurement which will be published here at KIA-index.

About KIA
KIA-index is the official measurement currency of visitor statistics of all sites in Sweden. They publish weekly statistics about visitors in terms of browsers, number of visits and the number of page views they had. Today there are nearly 700 websites listed at KIA-index. The statistics are used by advertisers, media agencies, publishers and media.