One year after launching the new generation of our audience measurement platform, AudienceReport, we are now taking another huge leap forward in our journey towards true cross-media measurement. With an enhanced version of the platform, advertisers will now get a more comprehensive overview of their campaigns’ performance, empowering them to make confident marketing decisions and reach their audience more effectively – still in a cookieless and privacy-safe manner.

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In today’s fragmented media landscape, advertisers are running campaigns across a wide range of channels. The issue is that most advertisers don’t have an overview of their total campaign performance and how each channel contributes. Many advertisers simply don’t know who they reach, how many they reach and how often they reach them – and which channels are most effective at reaching their audience, making it difficult to allocate ad budgets efficiently.

Bringing light to the dark of advertising

This is the challenge we have helped advertisers solve since the launch of the original AudienceReport back in 2012. By providing our audience measurement platform, we have enabled advertisers to continuously measure audience reach and frequency across channels, supporting planning, optimisation and reporting of campaigns. And this is what we will keep helping advertisers with in the future.

However, since the launch of the original AudienceReport, a lot has changed. Media consumption has become more fragmented, new privacy-focused legislation and regulation have been introduced and third-party cookies are about to be eliminated. This is why we already years ago started developing a new generation of AudienceReport, ensuring that advertisers can continue to measure their cross-media campaigns and get the audience insights they need to optimise their media investments and achieve greater advertising efficiencies.

New improvements for better measurement

One year ago, we launched the new generation of AudienceReport and today, we are now launching an enhanced version of the platform – built for today and the future. So, what exactly is new?

More and better integrations

New integrations and improvements to existing integrations have been launched, making it easier for advertisers to automatically measure cross-media campaigns and compare ad performance across the open web, social media, CTV and TV in one unified platform.

Direct integrations

Semi-automated integrations

On top of the direct integrations above, the platform now also allows advertisers to automatically measure campaigns created in other channels and ad servers, such as Spotify, The Trade Desk and Xandr, via semi-automated ad server integrations.

More granular reporting

The existing reporting functionalities have been improved, allowing advertisers to better understand how different channels and subsets of channels contribute to the total campaign performance. At the same time, it is now possible to merge multiple campaigns from one channel into one report, allowing advertisers to better understand the total performance of more campaigns combined as well as how individual campaigns contribute to the total performance.

More actionable insights

Campaign insights have been made more actionable. By highlighting which channels and subsets of channels are performing well and which are not, advertisers will better understand where to optimise, and by breaking the campaign reach into weekly reach and frequency insights, advertisers will better understand how campaign optimisations affect campaign performance.

More exporting options

The existing export functionalities have been improved, allowing advertisers to export campaign results the way they want, ensuring that campaign reports only include relevant insights and fit their brand identity.

Better account management

New account management functionalities have been implemented, making it easier for agencies to get a complete overview of client accounts and active campaigns. At the same time, both agencies and advertisers have got better options for managing user roles and accesses, supporting everyday workflows and privacy compliance.

Better measurement for more business value

With the new improvements to our audience measurement platform, we have made it even easier for advertisers to get key questions related to their campaign performance answered. Specifically, the platform will help advertisers answer questions like:

  • What is the reach in my target audience?
  • How accurately am I reaching my target audience?
  • How often is my target audience seeing my campaign?
  • Which channels are most effective at reaching my target audience?

Ultimately, these insights allow advertisers to make more confident budget allocations and achieve greater advertising efficiencies. Specifically, the insights will help advertisers:

  • Extend in-target audience reach
  • Improve in-target audience accuracy
  • Reduce excess audience frequency
  • Optimise cost of in-target audience reach

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