After five years we change our corporate name from UserReport to AudienceProject. Sometimes you need to reinvent yourself – that time has come for us. That said, a reinvention doesn’t mean that we are forgetting our core completely, but simply taking all our most prized traits and possessions and bringing them with us into our new identity.

You probably know us as a market research company highly specialized in a range of digital solutions for campaign monitoring and measuring. That’s still the case, but we are much more than that and with the process we’ve been through since the company was founded in 2010, we thought it was time to gather our products under one corporate brand.

AudienceProject is a unique company, where Big Data, technology and market research orbit around one central player; audiences. Our belief that all media will be bought based on audiences, is the focal point of all our products.

This belief is rooted in a changing market, where the demand for the right audiences here and now is more crucial than ever. We’re seeing a landscape, where we’re moving from traditional media buying towards buying audiences instead and ignoring this is not an option.

During these market changes, we’ve adapted and improved our products and teamed up with some of the world’s leading tech vendors to give you more opportunities with our products and maintain our simple, yet sophisticated presentation of extremely complex data. Complex made simple.

So without further ado…Welcome to AudienceProject!