Back in the ‘good old days’, digital advertising was just about doing what was technically possible to promote your outstanding products to as many people as possible. However, times have changed, and after 10+ years of pioneering cross-media audience measurement, we know that there are many more things to consider in today’s digital marketplace. This is why we are introducing a new generation of AudienceReport.

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As advertising and technology evolve, new possibilities emerge, allowing marketers to reach and engage their target audiences across an increasing number of digital media channels. At AudienceProject, we believe that cross-media audience measurement is the foundation for creating effective multichannel campaigns that ensure optimal target audience reach and frequency. For years, we have provided clients with our sophisticated cross-media audience measurement solution enabling this. Nevertheless, as the media industry has changed, we have seen the need to adapt.

When challenges meet innovation

In the world of advertising, marketers need to measure their campaigns to assess the performance of their media investments. To do this, they have historically relied on cookie-based ‘bean counting’, but the reliability of this method, which to a large degree depends on third-party cookies, has become more and more unsustainable.

Cookies have in our opinion been a dubious data source for many years, which is an inconvenient truth that many have chosen to ignore. However, now the spell is broken. Cookie bean-counting no longer reigns supreme. No longer is it enough to keep count of the reach and frequency of your campaign using cookies. This method has been obsolete for a while, and that’s why market research is now having its revival.

This has been the driving force behind the development of the new AudienceReport: using new technologies to create a flexible cross-media audience measurement platform, empowering marketers to plan and optimise their campaigns by understanding their audiences better – independently of third-party cookies.

Entering the cookieless world with confidence

When Google issued its death warrant for third-party cookies, everything changed. Same game, but new rules. There has been a lot of concern about how it would affect the ad tech ecosystem, but in many ways, Google’s move is the right thing to do and a natural evolution that we have expected for some time. Third-party cookies are not a reliable source of information but an ‘easy’ way to find answers to a campaign’s performance and have thus been popular among marketers.

Google’s initiative was a challenge but also an opportunity to further evolve our measurement methods and search for more reliable sources of truth for our clients’ campaigns. So, instead of worrying, we got busy. From day one, we decided to use innovation to develop a privacy-first and quality-first solution for the future of advertising. In other words, we set out to create a future-ready, cookieless audience measurement platform based on reliable methodologies and technology with privacy measures built into its core.

The future of cross-media audience measurement

During the development of the new AudienceReport, we understood that there is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ solution but that we needed to build a platform with a flexible architecture; a platform consisting of flexible services that can be combined and adapted to operate regardless of the many different environments provided by the media and ad tech industry. It’s a bit like LEGO; instead of having a monolithic system, you need to have a lot of bricks that you can put together in many different ways, supporting the many different media platforms.

Developing our measurement platform that is not only privacy-safe but also takes into consideration all legislations and regulations has been a long and volatile journey. It has required a flexible mindset and the agility to adapt to new strategic, political, technical and legislative changes. In the end, it has resulted in a solution that, instead of tracking everyone even harder, can operate within individual silos in a privacy-safe manner.

Via direct integrations to walled gardens and ad servers, the new AudienceReport automatically measures marketers’ campaigns and provides real-time insights into de-duplicated campaign audience reach, frequency and composition across the open web, Facebook, YouTube and Connected TV in a unified, holistic dashboard.

These insights help marketers assess the performance of their media investments and allow them to make informed, data-driven decisions on future media investments. This by understanding which channels reach and engage their target audiences most effectively and thus how to allocate advertising budgets for maximum ROI. Specifically, it helps marketers:

  • Understand net digital audience reach
  • Understand linear + digital video reach
  • Understand incremental reach of channels
  • Reduce in-target contact price
  • Reduce spend on excess frequency
  • Extend audience reach cost-effectively on top linear TV

The quest towards optimal cross-media audience measurement

The new generation of AudienceReport is a future-ready audience measurement platform, supporting advertisers and agencies in their quest towards optimal cross-media audience acquisition. However, the journey is not over yet, as we will definitely see a continuous evolution of the digital media market and new measurement initiatives and standards going forward. The new normal is a constant state of evolution, but so are we: a company constantly exploring, evolving and being excited about bringing new methodologies and technologies to market.

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