Last week, we announced the phasing out of the original AudienceReport. Today, we are introducing our Upgrade services to ensure your successful upgrade to the new generation of AudienceReport.

At the end of last year, we launched a new and enhanced version of our audience measurement platform – a future-ready platform that makes it easier to automatically measure cross-media campaigns and compare ad performance across channels.

However, we all know the feeling of replacing our old computer with a new and shiny one. The joy of unwrapping it combined with the worry of all documents, pictures and apps getting lost when setting it up. Switching from one measurement platform to another may feel somewhat similar.

At AudienceProject, we want to ensure that you are successfully upgraded from the original AudienceReport to the new generation of AudienceReport. That’s why we are now introducing the third of our new professional services: Upgrade.

Upgrade with confidence

Our Upgrade services will take you through a structured and well-documented upgrade process supporting you when upgrading to the new generation of AudienceReport.

We will ensure that no data gets lost in the upgrade process and that you and your team are off to a good start when measuring your campaigns in the new platform.

The upgrade process

Together with you and your team, we will initially create an upgrade plan that fits your organisation’s needs.

Additionally, we will help you transfer integrations, data and users from the old platform to the new one, ensuring non-disrupted measurement of your campaigns. This includes guidance on implementation, export of historical campaign data and import of active campaigns.

Finally, we will host training sessions for you and your team on the use of the new platform as well as an optimisation workshop, ensuring that you get the most out of your upgrade.

Intro call
Introduction to the upgrade process and identification of the key personnel involved.
Relevant to: General team members
Upgrade plan and documentation
Creation of the upgrade plan and sharing of documentation guiding your technical team on establishing relevant integrations.
Relevant to: General team members
Upgrade kick-off
Kick-off and Q&A meeting on upgrade instructions and deadlines.
Relevant to: Technical team members
Creation of new account(s) and transferring of users to the new account(s).
Relevant to: General and technical team members
Establishment of relevant integrations in close dialogue with your team.
Relevant to: Technical team members
Introduction to audience measurement in the new platform, including differences between the old and the new platform, correct use of the new platform and understanding of reporting metrics and insights.
Relevant to: General team members
Optimisation workshop
Workshop including an evaluation of your current use of the new platform and possible optimisation recommendations.
Relevant to: General team members

Learn more

Want to learn more about why you should upgrade and what will happen to your data when upgrading? Please visit our knowledge base or reach out to us at

Ready to upgrade to the new generation of AudienceReport? Request more info about how to get started with our Upgrade services via the form below.

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